About Andrea Abeli

Andrea Abeli is a 34-year old curvaceous model, influencer, hostess, and branding expert. She is a trendsetter who has helped to blaze a new path to modeling success with her own style and flair. Ms Abeli currently has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram, offers promotion opportunities to brands, and also helps aspiring models to build their careers through social media.


  Andrea’s journey began in her home country of Romania where she was raised. Having the itch to see more of the world, she left Romania and lived in some of the world’s most lively and infamous cities including London, Barcelona, Milan, and Miami. She also attended law school and earned her masters degree, however, she was instead drawn to photography, web design, and online marketing.


  Andrea followed her passion and established herself as a marketing expert in 2014 helping models build their brands online through social media. Before long, she herself decided to try her shot in front of the camera and was an instant sensation. She has a naturally curvy figure which helps her to stand out from the rest. Plus, she enhanced her shape by undergoing cosmetic surgery which differentiates her even further.

  Not only has Andrea helped many models build lucrative careers on social media, she herself has done it. If you are a model struggling to breakthrough and get exposure, Ms. Abeli can help you use modern day technology to your advantage. She understands that the traditional path of auditions and agents is obsolete considering the direct exposure you can gain by strategically using social media.


  Andrea Abeli has the looks, academic background, experience, and knowledge to create and replicate success. If would like to hire her as an influencer, brand manager, or model, expect an unique and innovative expert in the field. She works smart and hard to drive results and make the magic happen!



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